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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Tash BlackburnTash Blackburn
Fantastic Instructor
I think Fiona is a fantastic instructor. She asks at the start of every lesson what I wanted to learn or focus on that day. She 100% made me feel comfortable. The LDC workbook and DVD were so helpful. I would totally recommend.

Phoebe MooneyPhoebe Mooney
Friendly & supportive
Fiona made learning to drive enjoyable and easy to understand after being something that I had worried about. She made me feel comfortable in the car and always guided in a friendly and supportive manner. I found the LDC workbook particularly helpful when learning new concepts, being able to read over the topic before a lesson really helped increase my confidence during the drive.

Grace HandforthGrace Handforth
First time pass with only one fault
I found Fiona to be nice and patient and I would recommend her as she is very precise and helped me get things right. I found Fiona's hub useful in preparing for my theory and the practise tests were really helpful. I used the LDC workbook mainly for revising the Show Me Tell Me questions and for the information about the driving test itself.

Chelsey CoxChelsey Cox
Calm and reassuring
Fiona is always calm and reassuring, even if you make a mistake. I used the LDC workbook as well as the DVD. The book provides detailed information about everything you need to know about driving including what to expect on your driving test and how you will be marked. There are activities in the book to help you prepare for the lessons or recap what you have learned. The DVD is a little dated and the more uo to date YouTube clips are better. Fiona also provided me with a worksheet on roundabouts which I found very useful.

Tom BrineTom Brine
Absolutely amazing
Absolutely amazing, kept me confident and really coached me through it. Would recommend Fiona to anyone wanting to pass.

Holly HowsamHolly Howsam
Amazing driving instructor!
Amazing driving instructor! The best around. I cannot fault Fiona and how much confidence she gave me. I didn't pass on my first attempt but Fiona always encouraged me not to give up. The LDC system works really well and I used the online hub for my theory study. I would suggest to everyone to use the online system and workbook as an aid to build confidence.

Chris GatecliffeChris Gatecliffe
No hesitation in recommending Fiona to anybody.
After having some lessons at 21, I came back to it on and off with Fiona just over a year ago, aged 33. From the start Fiona has been fantastic to drive with. She settled my nerves which is what hindered me getting back into driving for the last 12 years. Feedback on improvements I needed were easy to take on board and I never felt under pressure or dreaded a lesson like I did when I was 21. I am very pleased to have passed my test and have no hesitation in recommending Fiona to anybody. Thank you.

Harry WebsterHarry Webster
Very calm, understanding and methodical....couldn't ask for a better instructor
Fiona is a very good driving tutor. I would recommend her to everyone. She is very calm, understanding and methodical. I feel the way Fiona taught me was organised well and I couldn't ask for a better instructor. I used the LDC workbook often to revise before lessons and to help me with the show me, tell me questions. Thank you Fiona.

Sophie ButlerSophie Butler
I found Fiona's teaching style brilliant for me. I was a very nervous driver and Fiona has built my confidence greatly. Her style of teaching and constructive feedback helped me to learn and develop into a safe and confident driver. She didn't make me feel bad when I failed my test the first time she offered support and helped me through my journey.

Hannah KingHannah King
All round really good instructor
Fiona is so welcoming and friendly, I never once felt uncomfortable. She always remains calm and composed even when you make a mistake. She always focuses on the positives as well as what you can improve on. Even though I had basic driving knowledge already, Fiona gave me that extra fine tuning and help with manoeuvres that I needed. She doesn't waste time in lessons going over things she knows I can already do, so I developed as a driver. I used the LDC workbook which was great as a refresher for things I'd done before as well as useful preparation before each lesson. Fiona is the first driving instructor that I've actually looked forward to lessons with and enjoyed them. I'd highly recommend to anyone. All round really good instructor.

Jenna AtkinsonJenna Atkinson
Fiona was very good at adapting to my own personal needs.
To begin with Fiona thoroughly explained the T&Cs and how the lessons would work using the LDC system and workbook. During lessons Fiona was always on time and was very flexible over my work & college hours. At the end of every lesson we would set goals for next time, this was helpful to keep track of my progress and where I needed to improve. I always felt comfortable to ask Fiona about my driving and she always gave constructive feedback and I feel this helped me pass the tests. Fiona was very good at adapting to my own personal needs and was always supportive. I passed first time 4 months after my 17th birthday with only 3 faults. I also passed my theory first time which Fiona helped with by providing me with access to practise tests on her hub. I would definitely recommend Fiona as a driving instructor as I have no negative feedback whatsoever, she helped me massively in passing my tests.

Chloe HudsonChloe Hudson
I found the LDC workbook very useful while learning to drive and the on line resources when revising for my theory. When I first started driving my confidence was extremely low and my anxiety high, Fiona has really helped me gain confidence and I feel a lot more at ease when driving. Fiona is very patient and easy to talk to and allows you to learn at your own pace.

Khadija ShahKhadija Shah
A pleasure having her as an instructor
Fiona has been very good at teaching. I have used the LDC workbook which has been very helpful. The car was easy to drive. Fiona is very patient with me and explains everything well. She has been very encouraging and has increased my confidence in driving. Fiona is punctual and professional and it's been a pleasure having her as an instructor.

Will ButlerWill Butler
Fiona was amazing
Fiona was amazing from the first lesson to the last. She always told me what I had done well then we discussed what to do better. Having been with another instructor before Fiona is definitely someone I'd recommend. The LDC workbook and online resources were very helpful and used thoroughly.

Amber FordAmber Ford
Patient and understanding......never left a lesson feeling negative
Fiona was brilliant, she was very patient and understanding and made me stay calm if I'd done something wrong. I have learned all of the necessary skills for not just passing my test but also for driving after my test. This was due to the LDC workbook and my instructor going through it with me in detail. The book has everything in that you need to know and it's in chronological order which I think really helped. It gives you an idea of what topic to move onto next and at the end of every lesson we analysed how each thing went, Fiona wrote down things that went well and things that needed working on so we could make a plan for our next lesson. This meant I could prepare myself by reading up about it and think about how I was going to improve the parts that didn't go so well. For my theory test, the LDC online information (Fiona's hub) really helped too. I've had a really lovely time driving with Fiona and I would recommend her and LDC to everyone. She always makes a positive out of everything so I've never left a lesson feeling negative about my driving.

Amber DabillAmber Dabill
First time pass - only 1 minor!
Fiona is friendly and chatty which makes learning to drive feel fun and not nerve wracking. The LDC workbook worked really well in helping me understand the test requirements and the manoeuvres.

Amelia WarringtonAmelia Warrington
I am very thankful I have learned to drive and not just pass a test........Fiona has been a dream
The LDC workbook is very helpful if used to prepare for lessons. Re-reading the book for things such as roundabouts, which took me some time to get right, really helped. The LDC method allowed me to take control of the lessons so I now feel more confident as a driver. Fiona would allow me to make 'safe mistakes' so that I could learn from them. I found this particularly useful to understand what I was doing wrong rather than being corrected before the mistake happened. The online hub was great for studying for my theory test and hazard perception as it has a variety of different clips to try. The LDC method in general has made learning to drive fun and interesting. Fiona has been a dream and I would recommend her, and the company, to anyone. I am very thankful I have learned to drive and not just pass a test. Fiona was very accommodating as I had very small availability and she made time to fit me in.

Oliver FordOliver Ford
Top notch
My experience of learning to drive with Fiona was top notch. I really enjoyed my driving lessons and I felt safe and comfortable in the car with Fiona at all times. Fiona was very patient with me whilst she was teaching me new skills. The LDC workbook that I bought from Fiona was a great purchase which helped me track my progress. It helped me get to grips with new manoeuvres, gear changes and movement etc. The online theory materials helped me to pass my driving theory test in which I scored 47/50 and 56/75. The car which I drove in my lessons was always clean and in working order. It was a good car to drive and learn in. Fiona is a very friendly person who was willing to talk to me during my lessons. This made my lessons stress free and not as dull as they could be with other instructors. Overall I had a great experience learning with Fiona and I would recommend her highly to anyone.

Rob CooperRob Cooper
Went above and beyond to help me pass
Having put off learning to drive at 17 (now 23) I was extremely anxious about getting behind the wheel and finally trying to get my license. I got in touch with Fiona and she went out of her way to fit in as many lessons as she could as I only had a short period to pass before leaving the Country. Fiona was very friendly and relaxed which helped me very quickly get over my fear of driving. Rather than telling me what I did wrong she let me figure this out myself (with a little bit of a push in the right direction), this helped me learn much quicker not to make the same mistakes again e.g. 'How might you do that differently?' rather than 'You should have done...' Having to be self critical made the learning process much faster and Fiona's calm, relaxed attitude helped turn driving from something I was afraid of into something I now enjoy. All of my lessons were thought out and structured so as to maximise the time spent learning the things I felt least comfortable with and never did I feel that any time was being wasted. I cannot recommend Fiona highly enough, she went above and beyond to help me pass and my fear of driving is long gone. I used the LDC workbook while learning and found it to be well structured. I particularly liked the diagrams showing clearly the situations in which certain actions should be taken. The diagrams for positioning on roundabouts was particularly helpful as this is something I'd struggled with. The question and answer sections also helped reinforce the knowledge I had learned during my lessons and for my theory test. Overall I would rate both Fiona and LDC highly and I am very grateful for the teaching and support material. I will be recommending Fiona to anyone thinking of learning to drive.

Andrew ConeyAndrew Coney
Highly recommend
I found that Fiona was very helpful with my journey to passing my test as she kept me calm at the beginning as I was nervous. The LDC hub was very helpful when studying for my theory test and I would highly recommend Fiona to anyone wanting to pass their test.

Miss X - First time passMiss X - First time pass
Absolutely amazing!
Fiona is absolutely amazing and patient. She made me realise the importance of observations to make me a safe driver. I used the LDC workbook to prepare for lessons which meant I could spend more of my lesson time driving. The theory study was easy to use and really helpful. The hazard perception clips helped me realise what was a developing hazard and I scored highly on the multiple choice questions due to using Fiona's hub to practise.

Shane HornerShane Horner
First time pass
Fiona is very friendly, easy to talk to, overall the best instructor I've had. I've already recommended her to friends.

Kayleigh HarveyKayleigh Harvey
An extremely positive experience
Fiona was extremely helpful every step of the way, she always let me decide on lessons be it the area or certain topic I wanted to cover. She put me at ease and lessons were very easy to enjoy. The LDC system worked really well for me. I used the book most days whilst learning to drive and I feel it really helped me understand the basics of driving as the pictures really helped me to understand how and when to steer, observe and where to position my car. Overall, an extremely positive experience. Thank you so much!

Sam KistellSam Kistell
Fantastic instructor - I would highly recommend.
Fantastic instructor, very calm, takes her time explaining manoeuvres to enable you to carry them out correctly and safely. I would highly recommend.

Staci Thompson
Outgoing, relaxed and very helpful - if I hadn't met Fiona I wouldn't be where I am now
I joined Fiona after having been with a previous instructor. Despite having a fair amount of lessons with them, I felt I was not very good and not progressing very well. Within 2 weeks of joining Fiona I felt my confidence grow. Fiona is a great trainer (instructor), she is outgoing, relaxed and very helpful. The home visit is a great idea as you get to know one another and can ask any questions you may want answering and gain information about the LD system. I love the LD system as you can read/watch what to expect in the next lesson and for me, helped me prepare for it better. I would highly recommend it. The car is modern and perfect for learning in. It's not too powerful nor is it sluggish, it's just right. I believe if I never met Fiona and joined her, I wouldn't be where I am now. She has helped my confidence grow and grow and has helped me understand how to be a competent and safe driver. I would highly recommend her to anybody.

Sian Selkirk
Amazing trainer & I love using the LDC workbook
I have only had a few lessons with Fiona but already I can feel my confidence growing. She is an amazing trainer and very calm which made me feel at ease straight away. When in the car, she is very encouraging and tries to get you to think of the answers yourself so you learn faster which is very beneficial. The home visit was useful too as my parents could meet Fiona which makes them feel more confident about my lessons and they understand how I should progress. I love using the LDC workbook because I can have a run through lessons in my mind before getting in the car so I feel more in control of what I am going to do. Everything is well explained with diagrams and if I don’t understand anything, Fiona will always try to explain it in another way. I am very happy with my lessons so far; I actually look forward to them instead of dreading them like I used to! I would highly recommend Fiona to anyone looking for a driving instructor.

Ryan Wright
Highly Recommended
The time I have spent learning with Fiona has been great, her lessons start in the location not when she picks me up, so I get an hours worth of a lesson. The LDC online page (hub) is a good piece of equipment as it has lots of questions and scenarios that you can work through, it tracks your progress and you can see lessons you have booked in advance. The LDC workbook is also very handy as you can read through in your spare time and see what is ahead of you, you can also go back through it and make your knowledge more. The car I have been learning in is suitable for me, it’s not over complicated and feels safe when I am in it, I haven’t noticed anything wrong with the car so it’s all thumbs up from me. Overall the training experience so far has been gratifying, getting told I am doing well and seeing it in my driving skills myself, with more lessons I get more confident and would highly recommend telling others about LDC.

Anni He
Fiona is a very patient, easy going trainer. She goes through the safety checks and instructions in every detail with you. She would also ask your opinions of what to do, which allows you to think yourself and helps to sink in the information that she has given you. She draws pictures on the board to help you to visualise things as well. The LDC workbook gives you the overview of the lesson such as the suitable location, what are the things to look out for and questions that you will be asked during the lesson. This little prep has helped me to get things more quickly. The car is in a good condition. I had no problem with the steering wheel or the gear stick. It has lots of adjustable features which helps a lot for a small person like myself. I have enjoyed all my lessons so far. I think the way Fiona teaches me has worked and would work for everyone else!